powerful email marketing that fully integrates with your EzyRez data

Through integrating EzyRez and Pebble Mailer you can create multiple touch points with every customer automatically. Once a booking is made, your guest will receive three scheduled communications from you - a booking confirmation email, pre arrival/upgrade email and a post departure/feedback email.

main benefits of eTriggers

  • Save yourself lots of time
  • Mobile friendly emails that make you look great
  • Multiple touch points to connect with guests
  • Up sell more products to guests
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Improve your SEO for your website
  • Increase and gain more guest feedback
  • Make your brand more memorable
  • Use Pebble Mailer ongoing for easy email marketing
  • Grow your database and email opportunities
  • Grow your business with online marketing

Responsive Email Templates (Mobile Friendly)

Email marketing is still one of the most effective permission based marketing systems available. However, the playing field is constantly changing with a lot more people now opening their emails on their phones while on the go. To keep our clients up to date with the very latest technology advantages, we have been working on a new responsive style email template that will resize to any screen size that the viewer is using.

A great way to ensure that all your emails can be viewed no matter what device people are using. We are currently seeing open statistics across several of our hotel client campaigns as high as 47% open rates on mobile devices.

eTriggers - Fully automated with EzyRez

Guest Email Autoresponders - automated

The integration between EzyRez and Pebble Mailer allows for a custom designed, automated Booking Confirmation, Pre-Arrival, Post Departure and Cancellation email to be sent directly to your guests from EzyRez via the hand-shake integration with Pebble Mailer.

eTriggers - Manual email send-out

Guest Email Autoresponders - manual

We set up a form on your website for you to use each time a guest makes a booking with you. By manually adding their information into a simple web form once, you can have a 3 part campaign sent out to them. On filling out the quick form and submitting, they are subscribed to the database list and the series of emails is triggered.

Pre Arrival Extras

order form to up-sell extras

This can be set up as a link from the eTrigger that gets sent out as part of the pre arrival template. People can be led to click through to add extras onto their booking if they haven’t already done so. We can can create a page that has a list of items for people to choose from and this will tally up the total as they choose items. On submitting the form, an email will get sent through to reservations to add to their booking.

Quote Enquiry eTrigger

(manual process)

As an additional email template, we can set up a quote enquiry page where you simply fill out a form and activate the email system to send out a beautifully styled email with links to the website, video etc. We will add a second email template to be triggered 24 hours after the initial quote. This can remind people of the unique features of the resort and then to confirm or proceed to make a booking.

etrigger examples

Chateau Elan eTriggers
Rumba eTriggers
Brighton Savoy